Kiribati Tender Notice  Kiribati Government Tender Notices

Procurement NO. Procuring Entity Brief Description Open Date   Closing Date 
27-W030-20 MISE Completion works for the 4 community toilets in South Tarawa 17/7/2020 11/8/2020 3pm Tarawa Time
27-G020-20 KGES Solar Products for the Kiribati Green Energy Solutions Company Limited 2/7/2020 27/7/2020 3pm Tarawa Time
29-G003-20 MLPID Dental Lab Construction Materials 25/06/20 20/07/20 3pm Tarawa time
24 G023-20 TAK Official Vehicle for Tourism Authority of Kiribati 10/6/2020 06/7/2020 3pm Tarawa time
29-G008-20 MLPID Solar Salt crushing machine 19/6/2020 20/7/2020 at 3pm (Tarawa Time)


Amended BOQ

MWYSSA Renovation works to Betio Sports Complex 18/6/2020 23/6/2020 at 3pm (Tarawa Time)
23-S013-20 MOE Charter for delivering school Trucks to Southern Kiribati 15/6/2020 26/6/2020 at 3pm (Tarawa Time)
21-G016-20 CPPL  Fish bait - Pilchard sardine 12/6/2020 06/07/2020 at 3pm (Tarawa Time)
21-S021-20 CPPL Cleaning service for MV. Moamoa 12/06/20 06/07/20 at 3pm (Tarawa Time)
18-G009-20 KCDL 1 Unit of Truck (3 tonnes capacity) 2/6/2020 29/6/2020 at 3pm (Tarawa Time)
10-G002-20 KHC Housing construction materials for maintenance program 1/6/2020 26/6/2020 at 3pm (Tarawa Time)
21-W005-20 MFMRD Maintenance of Eco-Farm 28/5/2020 23/6/2020 at 3pm (Tarawa Time)
22-W008-20 MHMS Betio clinics renovations 28/5/2020 23/6/2020 at 3pm (Tarawa Time)
29-G009-20 MLPID Housing maintenance construction materials for Kiritimati 21/5/2020 17/6/2020 at 3pm (Tarawa Time)
09-G030-20 OB Construction materials for the five disaster projects  20/5/2020 16/06/2020 at 3pm (Tarawa Time)
27-W030-20 MISE Construction works for public & Community toilets on S.Trw 8/5/2020

2/6/2020 at 3pm (Tarawa Time) 

16-W001-20 MELAD Construction of compost shed at Tanaea  5/5/2020 1/6/2020 at 3pm (Tarawa Time)
25-G005-20 MFED IT Equipments (i,e Laptops, desktops, Printers, server, and IT accessories) 15/04/2020 11/5/2020 at 3pm (Tarawa Time)
09-G029-20 OB Construction materials for 5 disaster projects 19/05/2020 1/6/2020 at 3pm (Tarawa Time)
27-W030-20 MISE Toilet blocks construction at 5 sites on South Tarawa  09/04/2020 4/5/2020 at 3pm (Tarawa Time)
18-G009-20 MCIC One 3 tonnes truck 03/04/2020 1/5/2020 at 3pm (Tarawa Time)
24-G022-20 MICTTD Microsoft office for Government Ministries 31/03/2020 24/4/2020 at 3pm (Tarawa Time)
25-G011-20 MFED 580 Tablets smartphones for Census 20/03/2020 17/4/2020 at 3pm (Tarawa Time)
25-W001-20 MFED Construction of KIC Office in Tarawa  19/03/2020 15/4/2020 at 3pm (Tarawa Time)
29-G009-20 MLPID Construction materials for Housing maintenance in Kiritimati 18/03/2020 15/4/2020 at 3pm (Tarawa Time)
15-G007-20 MIA Construction Materials for Banaba Maneaba 04/03/2020 30/3/2020 at 3pm (Tarawa Time)
15-G003-20 MIA One unit of 4 tonnes Truck for Abaiang Council 04/03/2020 30/3/2020 at 3pm (Tarawa Time)
25-G009-20 MFED 10 desktops and 6 laptops for Census (Statistics) 04/03/2020 31/3/2020 at 4pm (Tarawa Time)
25-G010-20 MFED Brand new 4 wheeled pick up truck 04/03/2020 31/3/2020 at 4pm (Tarawa Time)
27-WO29-20 MISE Construction of TB Maneaba at Nawerewere 27/02/2020 24/3/2020 at 3pm (Tarawa Time)
18-W005-20 MCIC Construction of Virgin Coconut Oil Factory in Butaritari 25/02/2020 20/3/2020 at 4.15pm (Tarawa Time)
25-S001-20 MFED Local Consultant for development of uniform database management system 10/02/2020 25/3/2020 at 4.15pm (Tarawa Time