Tender 25-G010-20 Quotation (RFQ) for 2020 Census 4W Pick-up

Letter of Invitation

Ministry of Finance and Economic Development
Republic of Kiribati

To Whom It May Concern,

The Ministry of Finance and Economic Development invites Quotations from Tenderers to provide the goods described in this Request for Quotation (RFQ) as below.
Procurement No:    RFQ-MFED-25-G010-20
Issue Date:    4-03-2020RFQ

Closing Date:    31-03-2020 at 4pm Hard Copies submitted to Central Procurement Unit, MFED

Project Title:    Request for Quotation (RFQ) for 2020 Census 4W Pick-up

This RFQ consists of the following volumes, except this letter, in separate computer files:
•    Instructions on how to submit the quotation
•    Time Schedule for the RFQ/procurement process
•    Goods to be provided – Specification
•    Evaluation Criteria and Method
•    Special Contract Conditions for Supply of Goods
•    General Conditions of Contract
•    Certificate of Compliance Form

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A Supplier will be selected based on the competitive procurement procedure described in this RFQ.

[Benjamin Tokataake]
[Secretary, Ministry of Finance and Economic Development]
Official email address: procurement@mfep.gov.ki for tender submission only. All correspondence regarding this RFQ shall be submitted to this address atekaieti@mfep.gov.ki or omorate@finance.gov.ki copying to CPU contact on cpo@mfep.gov.ki and po@mfep.gov.ki
* Please note that late submissions will not be considered