The trainings, conducted by the CPU, will be based on the Public Procurement Manual, which means that,

  • there is only one (1) system for the Kiribati GoK Public Procurement, comprising an Act, Regulations, a Manual, Model Documents & Training, which are all intertwined, completing each other, 
  • it will be easy to find information again, through this Kiribati Public Procurement Web Portal, and
  • available to all interested stakeholders and the public

The Public Procurement Manual, which is the main document for the users, includes detyailed instructions and will be updated by the CPO, based on gained experience and cases - a 'living document'.

Below you will find the training material used for the trainings, thematically sorted (however, due to technical reasons, some documents willbe uploaded shortly: 2. Key Principles of Public Procurement, 6. & 7. How to do Public Procurement & 13. Evaluation).